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Automated industrial furnace

We offer automated industrial furnaces, because with the control  and combustion technique provided by us as well it is possible to:

  •  keep quality on a given level
  • increase productivity
  • reduce the number of employees required for operation
  • increase the (economic) efficiency of maintenance
  • increase safety
  • train operational personnel in a short term
  • reduce load of environment


After all Maxterm combustion and control technique increase the profit and decrease the cost.


Maxterm tuzelestechnika1.JPG
Maxterm tuzelestechnika2.JPG
Maxterm tuzelestechnika3.JPG

Lowered NOx emissioning regenerative firing system

In the field of lowered NOx emissioning regenerative firing systems Maxterm is one of the best among Hungarian planning and implementing companies. We have already implemented many of them for metallurgical systems. Lowered NOx emissioning regenerative firing system’s advantages are:

  • operation with less load of environment, vastly decreased harmful material emission compared to a conventional regenerative firing system
  • gas consumption can be 30% less compared to a conventional one


Lowered load of environment is lowering costs as well as charge of load of environment will be decreased and you can apply for all the environmental protection related financial resources. We offer these lowered NOx emissioning regenerative firing systems for all metallurgical companies where environmental protection and  operating costs are important.

Cost effective reconstruction of old, obsolete heat-treating furnace

Most furnace building companies completely rebuild old and obsolete furnaces, whereas Maxterm has the following offer:

  • adequate conversion of furnaces by modifying the previous construction
  • applying the most advanced control technique
  • cost of reconstruction can be the third of a complete reconstruction
  • reconstructed furnace will fulfill all the related rules and regulations even if the old one did not so
  • energy consumption can be vastly decreased
  • load of  environment can be minimized


Why do we deal with it if it is not profitable for others?
  • Because our experts are experienced in the field of old furnaces, so they know their drawbacks and advantages
  • Because in most cases with small modification of masonry and steel structure and replacement of firing system can be reached those parameters that can be an output of complete reconstruction.
  • Because complete reconstruction requires a much longer dead interval.

Supplemental automation with exacting controls

For industrial devices that were fabricated without automation is often required supplemental automation. Maxterm obviously can help. We have already installed numerous industrial furnace and other industrial devices with the most advanced control technique that were not automated at all before. The results of these supplemental automations are the followings:

  • More reliable operation, elimination of operators’ faults
  • More secure operation
  • Less operating personnel for device operation
  • More efficiency, more productivity
  • Easier to maintain
  • Remarkable decrease in cost of operation

Engineering services

Maxterm engineering team are able to design any kind of control system in a short term. As all members of our engineering team has a lot of experience and knowledge of various fields we can make plans where knowledge of  many fields is required. Our software engineers have experience regarding the most control systems so they can configure effective systems and program many kind of PLCs, DCSs, advanced control devices, data collection system and SCADA systems. We have trained experts for implementing and maintaining industrial IT system as well.


We have experienced technicians and skilled workers in our implementation team. They are trained to implement industrial control and firing technique systems and devices. They have all the necessary equipments and tools for implementation and they meet all the EU quality requirements. During all implementation our employees must take Maxterm’s quality management principles into account. We make safety plan for every implementation because we pay attention to safety.


We are proud that we not only execute projects but we can maintain any of them if required. Obviously we can maintain any other systems or devices as well. We mainly maintain firing technique devices and any other devices or accessories that are connected to them. Why is it advantageous for you?

  • We have well trained experts with a lot of experience
  • If our maintenance team cannot resolve a problem, they can ask help from our engineers. They can support them effectively regarding PLCs or any other intelligent system.
  • Every member of our maintenance team has the required certification to maintain industrial firing devices
  • We have experts who are authorized to inspect and launch operation of a firing device
  • Our specialist has all the appropriate tools
  • We do maintenance always in the safest way. We always have maintenance and safety plan.
  • We always make plans before the maintenance
  • Number of outages caused by any failure can be decreased by regular maintenance so production will be more efficient, our partner can save cost and increase profit


We have experts who are able to install and kind of industrial furnaces, train handling crew to operate the system effectively. Commissioning is a standalone service if the customer has a building contract with another team or their own team build up the system, but they need help in commissioning. In many cases the customer purchase an older device or system from an other company and they need help to start the operation. The best choice is Maxterm in these cases. Our expert goes to the site and together with the building company or the customer starts the operation. If something is failed or malfunctioning our expert repairs it. If he is not able to troubleshoot alone he asks for help from his colleagues at Maxterm. After commissioning our expert trains all the operating personnel as well.


This service means that if the customer notify us about an outage or a failure Maxterm sends the most appropriate expert there to troubleshoot. Our expert examines the problem, if required he asks for help and uses any resources provided by our stable background, resolve the issue and restore the normal course of operations. Troubleshooting service can be involved in maintenance contract or can be demanded accidentally. If troubleshooting service is involved in the maintenance contract then the availability time is defined in the service level agreement. Maxterm troubleshooting service can provide a fast solution for our customer’s problems so their time in outage can be decreased.
Uzemzavar elharitas.JPG

Operation tracing systems

Maxterm operation tracing systems provide for our customer:

  • technician can get the actual parameters of the technology in the fastest way, so they can increase effectiveness
  • manager can get preformatted analysis about production and operation that contains only the concerning data
  • documentations for quality management system can be done automatically
  • employees can save time by less administration

Software engineers of Maxterm are supported by technology experts during planning and installing operation tracing systems. The result will be a system that can be placed between the management supporting and the production supporting softwares. Maxterm operation tracing systems can be connected to lager management supporting systems so full integration can be implemented in enterprise IT.

Termeles koveto rendszerek.JPG

Control, regulator and display system configuration

Maxterm’s software engineers are familiar with the most programmable control system. Our company is equipped with all the tools and softwares required for configuring and programming these systems. On our experimental or demonstration devices the configuration can be tested as well. We have installed tools for simulating industrial systems and environment. We offer this service not only for our customers but implementing companies as well who have no trained experts, but they should solve this kind of problems.

Project management

As Maxterm posseses all the human and financial resources to manage a project we can accept project management or we can be general contractor. We are responsible for the success of the project. This means that the customer is only in touch with Maxterm since Maxterm is responsible for the success of the project. This has the following advantages for the customer:

  • Customer should not worry about that responsibility will get lost while the building contractors point to each other
  • Customer should pay less costs on project management and scheduling while they should only agree with Maxterm who will agree with building contractors
  • Maxterm has enough expert to ensure the successful accomplishment of the project
  • Project management will be faster as in the case of any problem Maxterm’s experts can help as well
  • Shorter implementation time means faster return so increase customer’s profit
Project vezetes.JPG

Development technology together with the customer

Maxterm’s well-trained and experienced experts can help our customers in technology development as well. This cooperation can accelerate development and can decrease the costs. Obviously we keep all the details of the development in secret and we declare it in an joint stand. This joint development process means to settle a mutually good relationship and cooperation with our customer. Our object is to develop the most advanced control technology in joint development process and to integrate it to the customer’s systems as perfectly as possible. The reasons why it is worth to cooperate with Maxtrem in joint development are the following:

  • customer may access the most advanced control technology during the development on reasonable price or free
  • at the end of the development process we can configure our control system for testing, so the new device may be introduced in a shorter time that cause faster return
  • during development customer can consult with Maxterm’s experts as well

Engineering building automation

As building automation is related to industrial automation we are able to design building automation as well. In this field we deal only with programming and configuration of control systems of building’s heating and air-conditioning systems. We submission our competitive tenders mainly together with our partners in the field of  sanitary and electrical engineering.

Epulet automatika.JPG

Glass-work stock preconditioning, measuring and mixing systems automation

Maxterm can automatize any old or new glass-work stock preconditioning, measuring and mixing systems. Less human resources needed and more puncture technology can be reached by automatizing. Required parameters can be kept automatically. In case of any difference the system notify the personnel. With the control system of Maxtem the physically separated but logically coherent devices can be integrated and work together. The operator from the control room can handle the whole system. The main part of the control system is a technology controller that can work without operating personnel as well. Operator intervention is required only in case of a failure. Maxterm’s automatized glass-work stock preconditioning, measuring and mixing systems can provide:

  • less human resource
  • fast troubleshoot, shorten outages
  • safe operation, less outages caused by any accident
  • keep technological parameters maximally at the required level
  • automated documentation of  production for quality management
  • easy, fast and cost saving maintenance
Uvegipari alapanyag elok rsz ilyen volt2.jpg
Uvegip alap elok rsz ilyen lett2.jpg

Remote monitoring of industrial systems

Maxterm’s maintenance team and engineers are well-prepared to equip an industrial system with remote monitoring option. Remote monitoring can unify the opportunities of information technology and advanced control technique, our colleague remotely monitoring the system and in case of any failure tries to resolve it remotely. If it is not possible then he alarms on site support or he goes on site to troubleshoot if possible. We offer this service especially for furnace annealing and bake-out and when new technology is launched. This service means many advantages for our customers:
  • less human resources needed
  • the system monitored by a well-trained and prepared expert who knows the technology thoroughly and knows what can happen
  • when a new technology is launched the operation personnel cannot be aware about all the issues that may emerge

Maxterm Rod Feeder System

MAXTERM RFS Rod Feeder System designed to feed a single Aluminium rod with a diameter range in 8-12 mm (nominal 9,5-9,7mm , 3/8 inch) with a wide range variable speed.

Technical specification

Model Number:                     RFS 150, RFS200, RFS300

Speed Range:                        10-150, 15-200, 30-300 cm/min,

Supply Voltage:                      1 x 230V, 50 Hz

Motor Power:                         250-350 W

Signal input for speed:           4-20 mA

Remote Start-Stop input:       with external contact (potential free)

Weight:                         63,5 kg

Manual operation:         Feed forward/reverse with push buttons on the equipment

Construction:                Heavy duty steel construction housing and transport mechanic
                                    Gear motor with built in frequency converter to speed control
                                    Hard coated input ring for simple and smooth draw in the rod

Feedback:                    through a proximity switch operated from the free-running roller.
Option:                        shaft encoder is available to measuring feed speed to external                                        (PLC) system.

Other speed range, dual rod feeder and special design on request.


Model ID.



Number of rods



Rod diameter


8 – 12mm (nominal diameter 3/8”, 9,5-9,7mm)






795mm (31,3 inch)



320mm (12,6 inch)



320mm (12,6 inch)



63,5 kg, (140 lb)

Rod speed





10-150 cm / min           (4- 60 inch/min)



15-200 cm / min           (6- 80 inch/min)



20-300 cm / min           (8- 120 inch/min)

Gearbox ratio














+/- 3 %

Ambient temperature


0°C – 40°C      (32°F – 104°C)









220-240 V AC






AC Inverter (optional delivery)

Motor speed


1440 1/min

Motor power





0,25kW         (0,34Hp)



0,25kW           (0,34Hp)



0,35kW           (0,48Hp)









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