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Automated Industrial Furnaces

We recommend our automated industrial furnaces because with the control and combustion technology we supply:

  • You can more accurately maintain quality parameters
  • You can increase productivity
  • Fewer employees are required to operate the technology
  • Maintenance is more efficient and cost-effective
  • You can increase safety
  • The operation is easy, and the operating personnel can be trained in a short time
  • You can reduce environmental pollution

So Maxterm combustion and control technology increases profits and reduces costs.

Low NOx Regenerative Combustion System

In terms of regenerative combustion systems with low NOx emissions, Maxterm ranks highly among Hungarian design and construction companies. We have installed a number of these systems for metallurgical applications. The advantage of regenerative combustion systems with low NOx emissions is that:

  • They can operate with less environmental pollution, with emissions a fraction of those of conventional regenerative combustion
  • The equipment can be operated with up to 30% lower gas consumption than conventional equipment

Of course, a smaller environmental footprint also has a significant impact on costs, since it can reduce environmental charges and can also help to mobilise all the resources available for the implementation of the investments to protect the environment. Our low NOx regenerative combustion systems are recommended for all metallurgical companies where technology operating costs and environmental protection are important.

Cost-Effective Retrofitting of Old, Outdated Heat Treatment Furnaces

Most furnace construction companies rebuild the old, technically obsolete furnace with a complete reconstruction. In contrast, Maxterm offers its customers:

  • Appropriate modification of the furnaces by modifying the previous design
  • Using world-class control technology to operate the equipment
  • Reducing the cost of reconstruction to up to a third of the cost of complete reconstruction
  • The refurbished furnace will comply with all relevant legislation and regulations, even if the old one no longer did
  • Energy consumption falls to a fraction of what it was
  • Environmental pollution from the equipment is minimised.

Why does Maxterm do this, while for others it is not worth it?

  • Because our experts have a lot of experience in the field of old combustion equipment, so they know their bottlenecks and advantages.
  • Because in many cases, with minimal modifications to the masonry and metal structure, the parameters that result from a complete rebuild can be achieved practically by replacing the combustion system.
  • Because a complete rebuild requires a much longer downtime than a refurbishment.

Retrofitting with Automation with Sophisticated Controls

For industrial equipment that has been produced with virtually no automation, there is often a need for retrofitting with automation. Maxterm is of course a partner in this. We have equipped many industrial furnaces and other industrial equipment with the most advanced control technology available today, which in the past were not fully automated. The results of such retrofit automation:

  • More reliable operation, elimination of operator errors
  • Safer operation
  • Less operator staff needed to operate the equipment
  • More efficient operation, higher productivity
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Significant reduction in operating costs

Engineering Services

Maxterm engineers can design any control system in a short time. As the members of our engineering team are highly skilled and experienced engineers from different disciplines, we have no problem in producing designs that require a combination of expertise in several disciplines. In addition, software engineers have experience with most known control systems, so they can efficiently configure and program various PLCs, DCSs, advanced control equipment, data acquisition systems, Scada systems. The construction and maintenance of industrial IT systems is not a problem either, as we have trained experts for this.


Our construction team is made up of highly experienced technicians and skilled craftsmen, specially trained in the construction of industrial control and combustion installations. Our construction team has the right tools and equipment for the job. The tools used meet the quality standards that are common in the EU. The work is carried out in accordance with the quality management principles set out in Maxterm's quality policy statement. We pay special attention to safety during the work, so we prepare a safety plan before any construction work.


One of Maxterm's main strengths is that it not only works on projects, but also undertakes aftercare for the equipment once it has been built. (Of course, we undertake maintenance not only for the equipment we have built.) The maintenance of combustion plants and other related technological equipment is the main line of maintenance. Why maintenance by Maxterm is beneficial?

  • Because we have professionals with great knowledge and great experience
  • Because, if the maintenance team is not able to solve the problem, there is an engineering office in the background that can effectively help with maintenance (such as for PLCs and other intelligent systems)
  • Because all members of the maintenance team hold the statutory qualifications required for the maintenance of industrial combustion plants.
  • Because at Maxterm, we also have specialists who are qualified to install and inspect combustion equipment.
  • Because our professionals are equipped with the right tools.
  • Because we always carry out maintenance in the safest way. There is always a work and a safety plan for maintenance.
  • Because we only do maintenance in a planned way.
  • Because regular maintenance reduces the number of downtimes caused by breakdowns, making production more efficient, reducing the client's costs and increasing profit.


Maxterm has specialists who can put all kinds of industrial furnaces into operation and train the operating personnel to operate them efficiently. Commissioning is usually a stand-alone service when the client has the equipment built by a contractor (possibly his own team) who requires external assistance for commissioning. It is also common for a client to buy an old equipment from another company and want to have it installed by someone else. Maxterm is the best choice in this case. Our commissioning specialist goes to the site and starts up the equipment in cooperation with the contractor or the client. If something is broken or not working, he will fix it. If there is something our specialist can' t do on his own, he can of course rely on the other Maxterm experts. At the end of commissioning, the commissioner will of course also provide the necessary training for operators.

Malfunction Troubleshooting

This service means that the client notifies us of the malfunction and Maxterm sends the right specialist to fix the problem. The specialist will study the problem, seek other help if necessary, using the resources of a secure background, and then solve the problem, restoring normal operations. Troubleshooting can be carried out within the framework of a maintenance contract and also on individual request. If there is a malfunction troubleshooting within the framework of a maintenance contract, then of course the availability period is also specified and mentioned in the contract. Malfunction troubleshooting by Maxterm therefore means solving problems quickly for the client, who can save lost production time.

Production Tracking Systems

Maxterm's production tracking systems ensure the client that:

  • Technologists can quickly get information on the right parameters of the technology to make production more efficient
  • Company managers receive pre-formatted analyses of production which are free of technological details that do not interest them
  • The documentation required for quality management systems is produced automatically
  • No excessive administration wasting the time of production operators

Maxterm's software engineers are supported by technology-savvy engineers throughout the design and implementation of production tracking systems. The result will be a system that is positioned between company management systems and close-to-process (Scada, simple data collection systems) display systems. Maxterm's production tracking systems can also be connected to big-scale company management systems, enabling full integration in corporate IT.

Configuring Control, Regulation and Display Systems

Maxterm software engineers are familiar with most programmable control systems. The company is equipped with the necessary tools and software to program and configure these control systems. Configurations can be tested on our pilot or demonstration devices. We have purpose-built tools for simulating industrial systems. We offer this service not only to end-users, but also to contractor companies who do not have the necessary specialists but are faced with this type of task in the course of their work.

Project Management

Since Maxterm has the financial and human resources to finance a project, we are happy to take on project management and general contracting. Maxterm naturally takes responsibility for the success of the project. This means that the client only needs to be in contact with Maxterm and Maxterm is responsible for the success of the project. For the client, this is advantageous because:

  • You do not have to worry that liability will be lost because of contractors pointing fingers at each other.
  • The client has fewer problems with the organisation and scheduling of the project, because they only need to coordinate with Maxterm, and Maxterm will coordinate with other contractors
  • Maxterm has enough experts to ensure that everything goes smoothly during the project
  • Project implementation is accelerated, as Maxterm can involve its own team in the implementation if problems arise.
  • The shorter construction time results in a faster return on investment and thus profit for the client.

Joint Technological Developments with the Client

Maxterm's well-trained team of professionals is happy to help its clients implement various technological developments. Mutual cooperation speeds up development and reduces costs. Maxterm naturally undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of all such developments and confirms this by signing a confidentiality agreement. Co-development for Maxterm means building a mutually beneficial relationship with the Client. Maxterm aims to introduce state-of-the-art control technology through joint technological development and to integrate it as perfectly as possible into the client's system during development. Why is it worthwhile for the client to use Maxterm as a partner for technology development?

  • Because it gives you access to world-class control technology at a very affordable price, or even free of charge, for the duration of the experiments.
  • Because by the end of the technology development phase, Maxterm's control system can be fully configured to control the technology, allowing the new equipment to be put into production in a shorter time, resulting in faster cost recovery
  • Because Maxterm's experts can also help you in the development process.

Automation of Glass Raw Material Preparation, Measuring and Mixing Systems

Maxterm undertakes the complete automation of all kinds of old or new glass raw material preparation, measuring and mixing systems. The advantage of automation is that operating equipment reduces the need for human resources and makes the technology more accurate. The desired parameters are kept automatically. If there is a problem, the system notifies the operator immediately. With a control system designed by Maxterm for this purpose, equipment that is spread over a large area, far apart but connected together, can operate as an integrated system. The operator has everything in the control room at his fingertips. At the heart of the control system is a technological knowledge-based control system, which also allows unattended operation. The operator is only needed in the event of a malfunction. Maxterm's control system for glass raw material preparation, measuring and mixing systems provides the client with:

  • Saving on human resources
  • Rapid response to breakdowns, thereby minimising downtime
  • Safe operation, thus protecting the Client from shutdowns due to accidents
  • Maintaining technological parameters with maximum precision
  • Automatic documentation of production for quality management
  • More efficient and more cost-effective maintenance

Remote Monitoring of Industrial Systems

Maxterm's maintenance team and engineers are well prepared to provide remote monitoring of industrial systems. Remote monitoring takes advantage of the possibilities of modern control and computing technology, so that the colleague on duty monitors the technology remotely and intervenes remotely if necessary. If remote intervention is not possible, he or she will notify the local operators or go to the site to fix the problem. This service is especially recommended for the tempering, upheating of furnaces and for the start-up of new technologies. For the client, this has several advantages:

  • Saving on human resources
  • Remote monitoring is carried out by a professional who is prepared for any problems that may occur and has in-depth knowledge of the technology.
  • When starting up a new installation, the operating staff may not yet be adequately prepared to deal with the problems that arise.

Maxterm Wire Feeder

The MAXTERM RFS wire feeder family is designed for continuous, wide-range variable-speed transfer of wire for grain refinement.

Type designation: RFS150, RFS200, RFS300

Construction: Geared motor in aluminium housing with built-in frequency converter, wire transfer with toothed wheels, adjustable compression force, heavy-duty design, steel support and frame. The wire inlet roller is made with a hardened wear-resistant coating.

Operational Parameters:

Feed rate range: 10-150, 15-200, 30-300 cm/min
Wire diameter range: 8 - 12mm (nominal diameter 3/8", 9,5-9,7mm)
Power supply voltage: 1 x 230V, 50 Hz
Motor power: 250-350 W
Speed setpoint input: 4-20 mA
External START / STOP input: with voltage-free contact
Weight: 63.5 kg
Manual control: forward / backward with push buttons (no self-holding) from the device.
Control signal: pulses from the proximity switch monitoring the freewheel roller
Option: speed proportional speed measurement for PLC processing using an incremental encoder driven from the shaft

Wire feeders are available for other wire speed ranges and also in double wire design.