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What We Do

We have been one of Hungary's leading industrial control engineering companies since 1996. Our main activities:

  • Control engineering design
  • Electrical design
  • Mechanical and combustion design
  • Instrumental and electrical engineering works
  • Mechanical engineering works
  • Maintenance

We mainly deal with the automation and instrumentation of industrial furnaces and other related technologies, but of course we are not reluctant to implement other control engineering tasks. We undertake the supply of complete combustion systems with control technology. We are also familiar with industrial information technology, so we are happy to develop data collection and production tracking systems. Since building automation is a topic directly related to industrial automation, it is naturally a field that is close to our heart. We are present in most domestic metallurgical and glass plants. The majority of our clients are large multinational companies who value quality and speed. We carry out our work with thoughtful, accurate and efficient planning, followed by professional construction. Thanks to our construction team, our customers can rely on us not only for design and implementation, but also for aftercare. Our employees are all recognised professionals, and we place great emphasis on having the necessary educational and training qualifications. Our engineering office employs 12 people, including metallurgical engineers, electrical engineers, IT professionals and mechanical engineers. Our construction and maintenance teams consist of more than 20 people. Most are control and electronics technicians and electricians. The maintenance team is of course all qualified in the maintenance of industrial gas and oil firing equipment, which is essential for the maintenance of industrial furnaces.

Quality Management System

Since its establishment, MAXTERM Kft. has attached great importance to satisfying the needs of its customers and to providing products and services of high technical and quality standards. In order to fully achieve this goal, we have decided to build and implement a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. The continuous improvement of the quality management system is a priority for our company, in line with the philosophy defined at the time of its creation, to achieve total quality management. “Nothing is perfect, but you have to be perfect in meeting customer needs.”

ISO tanúsítvány magyar ISO tanúsítvány angol

Tools Used to Carry out the Tasks


From the very beginning, we have considered Honeywell as a strategic partner and our main instrument supplier. We like Honeywell instruments because of their reliability and versatility. Without exception, our customers are satisfied with them. They supply mainly the instrumentation, control systems and display systems needed for sophisticated controls.


We use Siemens programmable logic controllers for a wide range of complex control tasks.

GE Fanuc

GE Fanuc programmable logic controllers are widely used and are a widely accepted brand.


We mainly use their display (Scada) system, which is common in many places and many users are used to it.

Schneider Electric

We mainly source our electrical installation materials from them because they are suitable for our systems, both in terms of quality and type.


We buy the necessary equipment and burners for the combustion technology from them. They have reliable and good quality products.

Bloom engineering

We buy burners for industrial combustion equipment from them, which are world-class products. Maxterm is the Central European service provider for Bloom Engineering.


A manufacturer of high quality combustion accessories. In addition to good quality, they are also reasonably priced.


Our electrical and instrument cabinets are usually made using Rittal cabinets. Probably this is one of the best-known brands on the market.


The relays for our electrical and instrumentation equipment are usually supplied by Finder. It offers good quality, affordable prices and fast delivery.

Phoenix Contact

Supplier of our instrumentation and electrical installation materials. They produce components of exceptionally high quality.


They are the source of the magnetic switches in our electrical equipment.